The Artist

Davina Kemble

The Artist – Davina Kemble

Over a 25 year period I studied and developed my artistic skills working exclusively with character woods as a chosen medium – incorporating architectural and sculptural forms. I then went on to study wire and paper modeling and print making.

In 2013 I received a First Class Honours Degree in Applied Art and Design from Bath Spa University and won the Business Plan Merit Award for The Pebblewood Coffin.

In 2014 I was awarded a Masters of Fine Art by Bath Spa University and continue to work in mixed media whilst developing and bringing the Pebblewood Urn to market.

The Story

Coming to terms with mortality – be it for a loved one or for oneself – can bring forth unintended outcomes.

As an artist it had always been my intention to make my final resting place – a means by which I could nurture myself through unknown territory… it was however an unexpected illness that propelled me to get the project started before it was too late!

After extensive research I chose the form of a pebble. An organic, universal shape created by nature and honed by the passage of life – as are we all.

The initial outcome was The Pebblewood Coffin – a structure that would embrace, hold and protect my body in a relaxed position whilst remaining approachable to others – smooth and tactile. I selected Birch Ply for its quality and the symbolic effects it elicits when carved, emulating the annular rings of a tree – the cycle of life.

The design was met with such wide ranging, positive response that I was encouraged to take the project further.

The Pebblewood Urn is the developed outcome and I am delighted to offer up my thoughts and ideas to others by bringing it to market.