The Urn


Each wooden urn is individually handcrafted – unique. Inspired and designed to reflect nature’s beauty and the cycle of life in the form of a beautiful pebble.Smooth to the touch, rounded, soft yet resolute. The organic biodegradable material emulates the annular rings of a tree – a life span. Capacity approx 3.2 litres; External dimensions approx 325mm x 225mm x 145mm .To order (£625.00 + shipping) please click here. I have received many requests to make a smaller version of my full adult size Pebblewood urn. External dimensions approx 250mm x 160mm x 110mm. Approx capacity 1.25 litres.  This can now be ordered (£395 + shipping)- please click here.

I have now added an Extra large version (£675.00 + shipping)  Capacity approx 4 litres; External dimensions approx 325mm x225mm x 165mm – please click here.

“I’ve just received the Pebblewood urn after searching long and hard for a fitting final tribute. I couldn’t have made a better choice – it’s elegant and brings beauty to my loved one’s memory. I had many questions before the purchase and these were always responded to very quickly. Thank you so much for making a difficult process so much easier and for providing such great quality.” Sept 2017

“My pebble arrived today. It is beautiful, thank you so much. My husband was a shopfitter/carpenter by trade so this is very fitting. I have looked at numerous urns etc but not what I wanted. It has pride of place on my marble fireplace and is not at all depressing which I was trying to avoid. Once again many thanks. ” Aug 2018

“The Pebblewood urn has capacity for all of an adult’s ashes. Cremation in the UK tends to more efficient than elsewhere, therefore yielding a larger amount of ash. Sadly, the market is saturated with containers which are not fit for purpose since they are not able to hold all the cremated remains. The amount of space available in the Pebblewood urn is just right.” Jason Maiden, Funeral Director, Chelsea Funeral Directors, London


The Pebblewood urn is now also available as a keepsake urn. This accommodates a small or token amount of ashes ( approx .6 litre) in its concealed base- created two thirds of the way down by a bespoke chamfered shelf that can be sealed. The remaining space is then free to place special mementos such as letters, photographs, jewellery etc, all contained within its beautiful sculptured form. It is available with a plain chamfered shelf (£645.00 plus shipping)   To order please click here.


Length 325mm – Width 225mm – Height 145 mm – Capacity 3.2 litres (approx). Made in Wiltshire, England from  European Birch Plywood.

The Urn


The range

The range

The coffin is still in the process of being developed.

“The design is appropriately elemental, the shape comforting and consoling… with its curves and natural appearance, it is likely to be of great emotional and psychological value. It will gladden the eye”

Charles Cowling, Author of The Good Funeral Guide